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Steps Involved In A Criminal Case

There is quite a large number of people who are arrested for criminal cases in America. It is important that you are aware of what lies ahead when you have been arrested and accused of committing a crime. There is so much that you can expect to happen during the criminal case and you can read more in this article.

The first step is usually being arrested when you have been accused of committing a crime. There are three types of ways that you can get arrested the first one is when are police officers issue committing a crime, when there’s someone who has reported that you have committed a crime and when a police officer has an arrest warrant. Once you are arrested and taken into custody and the time is pending custody is dependent on the type of crime you have been accused of committing if it is a simple crime then you may be released to be arraigned in court on a later date.

After being taken into custody you can either get bail or you will be required to stay inside the police custody until the process is over. If you are to be released and it is important that you have someone to post it for you either a friend or a family member and for you to promise that you will show up on the court hearing.

The suspect is now arraigned in court where they appear before the judge for the first time and the charges read to them before they judge. When you are arraigned in court and you do not have a lawyer or you cannot afford one you have a lawyer who is provided for you and then they advise you on the place that you can take there will advise you on the plea to take.

When you have a preliminary hearing is done where the evidence is presented to the judge and if the judge agrees with the evidence they decide on what follows after the case.

The defendant usually takes a plea in the second arraignment it is also similar to the first arrangement have the charges read to the defendant. A pre-trial hearing is usually a point where the judge formally requested to make a ruling on a legal matter and if the defence and prosecution resolve any issues and decide the evidence that they will use in trial.

A trial is set where the prosecution and defence will have to present their arguments and the prosecution requires to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant committed that particular crime. After hearing the proof and evidence presented the judge and the jury will make decisions on what they think should be the outcome of the case. The judge can either dismissed the case entirely or choose a new jury in case they refuse to get to anonymous decision.

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